Medical Privacy in Canada is Under Assault
And It's Time to Fight Back

Your private discussions with your doctor are no longer private.

Your personal health records are no longer private and can be accessed without your consent.

Do we have your attention yet?

In Canada, we have all been led to believe that our relationship with our doctor is private and confidential until we sign a paper that says differently...

The reality is that this is not true...

We are a group of people just like you, who thought our medical records were private and confidential.

Until our doctor’s regulatory body, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) decided that they wanted to seize our records without our permission. Our doctor said NO, will yours?

We are now fighting a legal battle, as patients, by our doctor’s side, to make sure that our records are kept private and to set a precedent to stop this massive privacy overreach that has recently befallen Canada.

The outcome of our legal challenge will affect all Canadians and therefore our fight is also a fight to protect medical privacy for you, your family, your friends, and your doctors.

Join us in holding the medical system accountable for respecting our legal right to keep our medical records private and confidential. 

Watch the March 27, 2023 Press Conference About Our Legal Challenge: "Patients Take Ontario Medical Regulator to Court" (With Rocco Galati)

Press conference with Rocco Galati, one of Canada's top Constitutional Lawyers, and members of the Patient Is Your Right Inc. group initiating the legal challenge against the CPSO to protect the privacy of their medical records. You will also hear questions from viewers and answers by Mr. Galati.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness of privacy rights of patient medical records in Ontario.
  • To provide support and resources to anyone who seeks to protect privacy of their own personal and health information.
  • To raise funds in support of a precedent setting legal challenge that will affect who has access to your personal and private medical records.
  • To safeguard against regulatory overreach and abuse of power.
  • To ensure the patient-doctor relationship remains sacred and trusted.

Why You Should Care

Currently, Canadians are experiencing an unprecedented attack on the sanctity and privacy of the doctor-patient relationship and the right to privacy of their personal and private medical health information.

Ask yourself this question: what might be done with this information?

Did You Know?


  • Your medical records are not private right now?
  • The CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) is currently seizing records like yours from doctors, without your knowledge and/or consent?
  • The CPSO claims that patients have NO rights in their process, and that the CPSO has an unrestricted right to obtain any and all information they want?
  • The CPSO has refused to accept the medical records with patient names redacted…they demand to know the names on the medical records?
  • Your doctor can be easily coerced by CPSO into handing over your medical records.
  • Doctors in Ontario have had their License to Practice SUSPENDED or REVOKED for refusing to give their patients records to the CPSO.
  • An anonymous and/or random complaint can lead to the seizure of private medical records by the CPSO.

Your doctor and your information may be next!

Join us in putting a stop to the unprecedented overreach going on in Canada and protect privacy for all.