Important Legal Update (March 31, 2023)

On Thursday, March 30, 2023 at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, the Divisional Court denied the Patients standing, effectively saying that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

The Court's pronouncement was delivered orally and we do not have the written reasons for this decision yet. We do not know how long it will take to receive the written decision. Once we have received it from the Judges, we will be reviewing the merits of an appeal with legal counsel and providing an update.

We are disappointed that the Court has not been gracious enough to grant us an audience and hear our very serious concerns about regulatory overreach/misuse of power. We were not asking for very much. We were simply asking the Court for one hour to hear us.

When a government agency like the CPSO begins to pry into/encroach upon the private lives of its citizens by going through their doctors, then that is an abuse of their power.

Abuse of power has to be checked by the courts, otherwise we no longer live in a free and democratic society.

We are thankful for all the people who came to the court house to stand with us. The court room and hallway was overflowing with both patients and countless other individuals who understand the issues at stake. We are grateful for all of your ongoing support.

Latest Updates

March 31, 2023
Bright Light News: [PRESS CONFERENCE] Legal Challenge to CPSO Demand for Private Medical Records

"Rocco Galati held a press conference Monday to discuss his clients' legal challenge against the CPSO. The patients are fighting to have their medical information kept private and out of the hands of CPSO investigators."

March 31, 2023
Children's Health Defense: "Patients locked out of Court, unable to challenge medical regulator's abuse of power"

"The Divisional Court decision to refuse to even listen to the patients by denying them standing is not based on law, rather it is based on the Court's own desire to throw COVID related cases out before they are even heard. This double standard in applying established constitutional law and principles is destroying the rule of law in Canada and will haunt Canadians and Courts for decades."

March 29, 2023
RebelNews: "The fight to protect Canadians' Charter rights to medical privacy continues"

"A group called Privacy Is Your Right has brought a case forward against Ontario's medical regulator for what they call unlawful search and seizure of their confidential medical records."

March 29, 2023 "Hundreds of patients join court case against Ontario medical examiner over violating right to privacy"

"The group's attorney described the situation as an 'unprecedented attack' on the 'privacy' of the doctor-patient relationship after the regulator demanded a doctor release medical records or face discipline because she gave out COVID mask exemptions."

March 28, 2023
Press Conference About Our Legal Challenge: "Patients Take Ontario Medical Regulator to Court" (With Rocco Galati)

Press conference with Rocco Galati, one of Canada's top Constitutional Lawyers, and members of the Patient Is Your Right Inc. group initiating the legal challenge against the CPSO to protect the privacy of their medical records. You will also hear questions from viewers and answers by Mr. Galati.

March 27, 2023
Our Legal Challenge is Mentioned in Western Standard

"Patients of an Ontario physician filed a legal challenge against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), alleging an unlawful investigation against their family doctor and an unconstitutional demand for their medical records in Toronto."

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